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If you have an open system and base password checks on hashes then it's may be an issue that somebody can guess a password by just trying to find a word that will produce the same hash as for somebody else. So the security also is based on how long it takes to do a brood force attach on such hashes.

  • And so it might be helpful to know that do a hash in python with sha1 you can calculate about 50000 more hashes of passwords then with bcrypt.*

(see here at around 16:30)


dd command with progress

  • start the dd command as intended
  • open another shell
  • find dd command process id (e.g. via pgrep -l '^dd$')
  • send USR1 signal via kill -USR1 <processID>
    • or send it regularly via watch -n 10 kill -USR1 <processID>