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nfs share via banana pi and manual UID synchronization
  1. How my network looks like
  2. On banana pi
  3. on nfs client machines:

notes to being able to write this article at a later time:

How my network looks like

  • main workstation
  • general purpose notebook; mainly used by ma wife
  • my netbook that I often use if the notebook is not available
  • mythtv media center
  • and now my new banana pi which should work as a central data store --> NAS

On all of this machines I use the same user name. But the UIDs and GIDs of this user is different as I did not take care in the past. And now I want to have parts of my home data in all of this machines on my central NAS (the banana pi).

On banana pi

  • Current raspian image for bananapi
  • aptitude install nfs-kernel-server avahi-daemon
  • changed root password to being able to access the system via ssh root@bananapi.local
  • removing the local pi user

on nfs client machines:

The main issue on client machines that should use a central NFS share for data storage are the question about the user id under which data will be stored on the server.

  • at this link I saw how I am able to modify a UID for an already existing user.